Executive Team

Scott A. Lewis: Director of Global Operations

Scott Lewis holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Rollins College. The majority of Scott’s MLM experience began by working with MarketQ, the MLM back office support service company owned by Randy and Wendy. During this time, he had the opportunity to work closely with a variety of companies in the industry while obtaining a diverse knowledge of market trends and Distributor relations, as well as operational strengths and weaknesses. Scott is well-rounded in all international operational processes, where he also has experience as the Director of Compliance before taking on his new role managing and directing global operations. He has consistently set new standards while maintaining a compassionate and professional relationship with all Distributors. He is an excellent facilitator for communications and has a passionate focus on efficiency.

Ryan Ogden: Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Ogden is a graduate of Utah State University from where he earned a bachelor's degree in Finance and a Master of Accounting degree. After graduation, Ryan served for several years with one of the “Big Four” international accounting firms. Eventually, Ryan accepted a position in Japan as the Director of International Finance of an MLM company, and then later returned to the U.S. to continue work in the MLM industry. He brings a wealth of experience and loves the personal touch that he finds in the network marketing environment. Ryan and his wife Rochele enjoy raising their four sons, and when he has the time, Ryan pursues his love of sports, including basketball, tennis, and water skiing.

Debbie Kurley: Director of Customer and VIP Relations

Debbie graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design. She has received outstanding business training, having been selected as one of the first to participate in a unique training program developed by The Walt Disney Company. Debbie spent 10 years with Disney as a program manager, working in an innovative environment and engaging in a variety of activities including commercial set design, production, and filming. While there, she also assisted with scheduling, coordinating, and conducting youth seminars. Debbie has served for 13 years in the MLM industry with Wendy and Randy. During this time, she has had experience managing Customer Service, Compliance, Distribution, Purchasing, and Operations. Debbie is a sports advocate and during her college days won a National Championship for field hockey. She continues to actively play softball for a local state team and is addicted to spending time with her adorable Jack Russell Terrier/Dachshund mix, affectionately named Moxie.

Geri Dorman: Director of Research and Network Administration

Geri holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Trenton State University. After working with Wendy and Randy for over twenty years, she is their longest tenured employee. Geri has managed Customer Service and Operations, and has worked in Compliance, Accounting, and Distributor Services. She also has extensive training and experience with installing and implementing Medical Manager Practice Management systems. Geri brings years of MLM wisdom to the business, and believes in the industry and its people. She is a guiding force in the Corporate Headquarters. Geri and her husband Wayne are busy raising two young boys and enjoy watching them play soccer, basketball, and baseball. One of Geri’s favorite pastimes is taking long walks outdoors–she dedicates as much of her free time as possible to this activity.